We as educators at Immaculate Conception School derive our strength and energy as a gift from God.

It is our responsibility as educators to participate with our children in creating a Catholic environment in which the children can achieve the spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical goals essential to their development as contributing members of the community.

A good Catholic education upholds the belief in the value and dignity of living beings, and accepts the responsibility to work to improve the quality of all life.

A good Catholic education is the result of a united effort of the home, school, and church.

Parents are the primary educators of their children. The teachers at Immaculate Conception build on this foundation for the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical well being of each student.

The success, happiness, and growth of each child will be as great as the mutual understanding and cooperation of parents and teachers. We must all join hands in the exciting adventure and privilege of guiding the growth of each child.

Immaculate Conception School exists because we believe that our children are special. Our philosophy is to enkindle in our students a thirst to reach out and explore the created universe, and to infuse in them a desire to improve the community of the faithful through a life of service according to the teaching of Jesus Christ.