Christmas Cash Give-away

We are very excited for our 4th Annual Christmas Cash Give-Away.  We will be raffling off $75,000 in CASH prizes – First prize is $50,000, Second prize is $10,000, Third prize is $5,000, Fourth prize is $1,000 (3 winners), Fifth prize is $500 (14 winners) totaling 20 winners.   Only 2000 tickets will be sold at $75 each.  More than one name can be on a ticket so get a group together and purchase a bunch of tickets for more chances to win.

The drawing will be held on December 19, 2019.  Winners will be notified by phone.   The proceeds from our raffle help fund a permanent endowment for technology equipment, tuition assistance for our families, and improvements to our building, which otherwise would not be possible.  Tickets go on sale beginning June 19, 2019. If you would like to purchase tickets Please send a check along with the ticket request form to the school.

Again this year, anyone who purchases their tickets, by July 25th at 9 am, will be entered into our Christmas is July Early Bird drawing for $1000.00.  Buy your tickets early to participate in this special $1000 drawing.  If you do win the $1000 early bird drawing, your ticket will still be valid for the other 19 prizes on December 19th.

PLEASE  NOTE: Effective December 19, 2017, NYS Gaming regulations allow charitable entities to accept credit cards for payment of raffle tickets. Effective June 19, 2019 credit cards can be used  for online payment of charitable raffle tickets.

2019 winners from the 12/19 drawing:

$500 Tk# 1127 Michael S., Brewerton, NY
$500 Tk# 0474 Lee P., Manlius, NY
$500 Tk# 0547 Joe B., Rockaway, NJ
$500 Tk# 0800 Steven D., Fayetteville, NY
$500 Tk# 0394 Bob and Sue C., Fayetteville, NY
$500 Tk# 1213 Julie B., Fayetteville, NY
$500 Tk# 0546 Joe B., Rockaway, NJ
$500 Tk# 0300 Carmelita W. and Richard J., Frankfort, NY
$500 Tk# 0057 Ralph B., Fairview Park, OH
$500 Tk# 0190 George H., Liverpool, NY
$500 Tk# 0844 Gerald S., Cazenovia, NY
$500 Tk# 0283 James B., Fayetteville, NY
$500 Tk# 1286 Laurie G., Fayetteville, NY
$500 Tk# 0956 Ralph B., Fairview Park, OH
$1000  Tk# 0425 David R., Elmira, NY
$1000  Tk# 0181 Dan M., Waterloo, NY
$5000  Tk# 1399 Colleen O., Fayetteville, NY
$5000  Tk# 0538 Alice H., Tully, NY
$50,000  Tk# 1755 Helping Animals