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March 13, 2020
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July 22, 2020

Fourth Grade: “The Tree of Peace”

Our fourth graders have been reading the novel, Eagle Song, by Joseph Bruchac.  The story is about a Mohawk Native American child living in New York City.  Some of his classmates treat him with disrespect because of his cultural differences.  He decides to share his culture with the class hoping that if they understand his culture, they will respect it. 

The students drew pictures of “The Tree of Peace” which was described in the book as a symbol of Native American Peace among five Iroquois Tribes.

One student’s essay description:

The Tree of Peace was a tree that symbolized peace among the Iroquois Nation Tribes. The Tree of Peace is a pine tree outside of Adodarhohn’s lodge. When Adodarhohn's mind and body were healed by the peacemaker, Adodarhohn and Aionwatha dug a hole and threw their weapons in it. Then they planted a pine tree that had four roots. The four roots pointed at the north, west, east, and south. The roots were white to symbolize peace. At the top of the tree, there was an eagle holding five arrows. The eagle was to keep watch in case anyone would threaten their peace. The five arrows symbolized the five nations of the Iroquois League. This tree was planted to signify peace.

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