Keeping Kids Catholic

Many Catholic parents worry about children being tempted away from the faith. The good news is that children who grow up with s solid prayer life, regular Mass attendance and reception of the Sacraments are likely to stay Catholic. Try these suggestions:

Instill confidence in prayer. Youngsters who develop an early habit of turning to God in prayer, grow up to revere and lean on him. Show children how to pray and have age-appropriate prayer resources handy. Pray regularly as a family, and stay close to the greatest Catholic prayer – the Mass.

Be clear about your own faith. The most powerful catechesis we offer to our children is our own example. That means explaining our faith well, living it fully, and practicing it faithfully. If we teach faithfulness but skip Mass without a good reason, avoid Confession, neglect our own spiritual growth, children receive mixed messages about the importance of their faith.

Teach children to understand that they believe. It is not enough to memorize prayers and articles of faith. It’s important that parents explain the meaning behind them so children can understand and explain them, too. Use the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a reference. Priests and religious are good resources, too.

Know God’s word. Encourage daily scripture reading by giving children personal Bibles and using them together.